Captain Jake

Captain Jake is back for Edinburgh Fringe 2020, See Jake at The Pleasance Courtyard from the 5th to 23rd of August.

Jake is returning with another tale of daring piratical dos. Hear how Jake ended up in prison after a disastrous raid, before he escaped with the help of the infamous Captain Mary Reed and her crew, only to fall out and be left on the famous Forbidden Island. When no one shows up to rescue him, he set off upon an adventure: Fighting strange and beguiling monsters, trying to communicate with seagulls, and trying his hand at ship building.
This interactive adventure is perfect for all lively pirates and their adults.

Captain Jake And The Search For The Red Queen

Join Captain Jake’s Crew as he takes you on a journey to the high seas, in this rip-roaring  adventure. Learn what it takes to be a pirate as we battle foes, try to keep the ship on course, avoid sea monsters and try to keep the captain out of the tavern; all in search of the elusive Red Queen.

Part historical romp, part interactive show, part tragic life story. Packed with historical facts, funny characters and strong female role models.