Bring History To Life In Your School

Stories Alive can come to your school for a unique assembly, a historical workshop or a special event.

Storytelling in Schools

Events can range from a simple story, a History Alive workshop or a full day of events using different characters for different school years. We can provide multiple performers if needed for a special event.

It can be expensive and awkward arranging visits to historic sites, with Stories Alive you can bring history to life in your school hal, you can even have a Roman army with no need for extra risk assessments.

With a wide knowledge of all the historical periods featured, we are able to build an event around your requirements.

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New characters from Stories Alive:

An Edwardian Egyptologist, William Ward, tells of the myths, legends and history of the Ancient Egyptians, listen as he explains about mummification, hidden tombs and what the Pharaohs believed was waiting for them in the afterlife.

A second world war billeting officer and ARP warden, Mr Mottershaw. will prepare the children for evacuation and explain everything they could need to know from rationing to black outs, and all while telling them how he’s helping protect the Home Front.